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Education Law

Utah Education Law, Special Education and IEP Advocacy and Representation


An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is the legal document that describes the services that must be provided to the student.  It is important to collaborate with all members of the team so that an IEP appropriate to your child's disabilities and needs can be collaboratively developed. However, when an IEP is adopted that is not suitable for your child an education law attorney in located in Utah can help.  I have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating appropriate accommodations.  I can help you prepare for your child's IEP meeting, and can attend it with you. I can also provide representation at administrative hearings and court. As a Utah education law attorney it is in your best interest to contact me early on.  I have a fee for service, and it actually costs more for me to represent your child's interests later in the process because quite often opportunities to assert your child's rights are overlooked by those who do not have a strong understanding of IDEA, Section 504, and protections provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Accommodations for High Stakes Testing in Utah

I have experience navigating the process of getting accommodations for high stakes testing such as college entrance exams and professional licensing.  If the appropriate accommodations are not properly requested with adequate documentation, accommodations will be denied.  IDEA and its provisions do not apply to students after high school (IDEA may apply to students attending post secondary institutions during high school).  If you need accommodations for post secondary high stakes testing please use the contact form below.

Utah Title IX Investigations and Advocacy Attorney

When faced with a Title IX investigation, having a knowledgeable attorney can ensure that you are well represented in a hearing. An attorney can coordinate private investigations, handle communications and negotiations with the university, and can help you understand your rights as a student. When a claim is unfounded representation by an attorney may end the investigation before the Title IX hearing begins. 

Utah Title IX Hearing Officer Services

The federal requirement to have live hearings with a hearing officer in Title IX sexual misconduct cases is new in 2020. A Title IX hearing is not a civil or criminal legal proceeding.  Instead, it is a proceeding through which the hearing officer determines whether a violation of the school's policies has been committed.  It is absolutely essential that there is no bias, or perception of bias, by the educational entity.  This is why it is worthwhile to contract with a hearing officer who is not employed by the university, especially if a Title IX claim involves a faculty or staff member.

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