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LSAT Tutoring

One LSAT Tutoring Scholarship is available per year to a graduate of  theSalt Lake Center for Science Education (SLCSE).

The LSAT is an essential first step in the law school application process. Your LSAT score will often determine your options and scholarship opportunities, so it is crucial to achieve the best score possible. Intensive studying, particularly with a personalized study plan, can aid you in achieving your ideal LSAT score. Donna Drown offers the ideal LSAT tutoring services to meet your needs. 

LSAT Tutoring Made for You

Taking the LSAT is a necessary step on the path to becoming an attorney. When you work with Donna Drown for your LSAT Tutoring, you can expect to have targeted study sessions that will help you understand the best approach to the LSAT for you. Different people learn in different ways, so Donna Drown is capable of providing personalized plans to drive your score up and support you in achieving your goals.  

A Success Story

"The LSAT felt so overwhelming when I first started studying for it. My first test score was in the 150 range and I wanted a score above 170, which felt impossible. After working with Donna, I was able to understand the different approaches that I needed to take to make fewer mistakes and get more correct answers. When I took the LSAT for the first time, I scored a 174! Law schools were sending me fee waivers for applications and contacting me to ask me to apply to their school. LSAT tutoring with Donna Drown is more than worth the investment."

-Sarah Rowe

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